Monday, 15 September 2014

The Cardboard pallet

The world of pallets is ruled by wood and it seems bad forklift drivers.
New regulation regarding the use of wooden pallets (fumigation etc) has increased the potential for new types of materials to make it into the construction of pallets.  Aluminium, plastic and cardboard are the the main alternatives to wood.

The first thing most potential customers mention when you tell them of cardboard pallets is:" forklift drivers break everything".

If you have a van driver that bumps it to all the trees in the neigbourhood would you get him a van with lots of rubber around or fire the driver?
A forklift is made to pick up and put down nicely. Not for racing.

It will take a long time for mindsets to change, hope this blog is the start

Go cardboard pallets!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Not just honeycomb

Ubusi makes its own honeycomb from corrugated board.  Honeycomb is usually made from laminating paper strips together, we are unique in that we make it from gleuing corrugated strips together.

We thus incorporated a structure (the corrugated fluting) into the honeycomb.  Increasing the strength of the and thikness of the honeycomb core walls has a direct effect on the strength of the final panel in which the honeycomb is used.

The ubusi cell size is +/-34 mm.  This is relatively small in corrugated cores.  Most other cores, such as those found in the door manufacturing industry, are much bigger from 150 mm onwards. Making the cell size soo small is what we have been working on for the last 6 years.
A new machine will soon come into production making the manufacturing of our cores in big volumes possible.

Keep checking for updates!

Check what your application needs and if a stronger core will be beneficial then think about Ubusi. follow us on  ubusi-google+